Sep 28 2021; Planting my seed

Sep 28 2021; Threats from Chrissy

Sep 29 2021; Rocket the Menace

Sep 29 2021; Survivor but IRL but in game

Sep 30 2021; Saharah's Visit

Sep 20 2021; Saharah's Murder

Sep 30 2021; Goldie's Secret

Sep 30 2021; Bee #1

Sep 30 2021; Bee #2

Sep 30 2021; Bee #3

Sep 30 2021; Don't BEE greedy

Sep 30 2021; Free From Nook

Sep 30 2021; Found the turtle Puck wanted

Oct 1 2021; Cursed new greeting

Oct 1 2021; Static is coming to town

Oct 1 2021; He makes up for his mistakes

Oct 1 2021; So halloween begins

Oct 1 2021; Goldie play date!

Oct 2 2021; Finally extorting the island

Oct 2 2021; IM RICH

Oct 2 2021; Freeing myself from Tom Nook again...

Oct 4 2021; Finally got the campsite, time to replace some of these animal fuckers

Oct 4 2021; Leaf's shop is open for business!

Oct 4 2021; I conjured a genie to wish Henry into my town

Oct 6 2021; My ritual worked!

Oct 6 2021; Bro this bitch needs to tale a bath

Oct 7 2021; A TRAP

Oct 7 2021; *Lolly's TRAP

Oct 8 2021; Had a lil play date hehe

Oct 18 2021; I forgot I had summoned Punchy! hello

Oct 18 2021; The market has uprageded owo

Oct 18 2021; And a shoe shop?!

Oct 18 2021; Shopping spree? Done. Outfit? Served.

Oct 18 2021; Sleeping on the job?

Oct 18 2021; Opening a dream suite bc Isabelle was napping all day...

September 28th

I restarted my ACNL cartridge copy in hopes of enjoying what I did many years ago!
With this, I named my town StarCity, after my meow-meows that I left back in Texas. This save I plan on not time traveling. and I hope to fufill out the game in a completionist way I haven't before. I want to fill my mesuem, get every catalogged furniture, and get the photos of every villager (though this last goal is a bit insane).
With this journal I'm gonna make a daily record of my progress where possible. Any photos that accompany will be dated on the screen above, with the date under the screen shot.

September 29th

A new day starts!
Last night started my journey, and today I awoke to find my new house built up! Also a new house lay across the bridge...
Rocket is such a bitch for putting her house infront of the only bridge like this. MARK MY WORDS. She will taste my fury
My luck looked up as I ate my first fortune cookie. I got #52, which is a Wii U console. At first I was "like okayyyy and?"
But actually, it has a little game inside. and holy shit you guys, this game is FUN. I worked through the first level and escaped my first try.
I'll post more screenshots next time I decide to play, but for now justt know it's a little survival game, with turn based mechanics using your villagers.

September 30th

Today I woke up, and found Saharah wondering my town. Inviting her in for 3,000 bells, she gave me the most DISGUSTING FLOOR. I allowed her to live, only so she may one day be betrayed as I have. Her wallpaper was alright so I kept it, but the Shackle Flooring she gave me went straight to hell like she will one day >:3 hehehe
I shook trees, filled out my critter-pedia, and caught bees, until one stung me GRRR. Then I sold a bunch of shit from nook to the lamas, and hopefully I'll get the upgraded shop soon. With that money along with all the fish and bugs I caught, I repayed off my home loan, and started debt into a hedge fencing around it.
Vanity brings the downfall of beauty, keep it cherrished in a humble chest, less the vines of love caress
and pick that locked sin of forgery like a rose.

In other news, that one penguin guy (forgot his name tbh) asked me for a soft shelled turtle. So my hunt begins at 4pm.
It's now 9:32pm and I finally found this turtle. He gave me a paper wall lanturn in return for hours of work.

October 1st

Had work IRL today, so I didn't get to play until the evening. But alas I found Jack in my town starting off the halloween events
Tiffany asked for a new catch phrase, and after getting stung by bees, Rocket gave me some medicine when no one else would. I have forgiven him for moving infront of my bridge (for now).
I started on a new home loan to expand my house. 98,000 bells back in debt to the Nooks, but I need more room for play dates, like the one I had with Goldie today.
also Static is moving in. He aint the dreamie I hoped for, but he will do.

October 2nd

Had work again IRL, but this didn't stop me from advancing my town. Highlights of the day include watering my flowers and finding an orange cosmos, touring the Island and hunting beatles for money, paying off my loan, and feeling the effects of the "bell boomer" ordinance I opted for yesterday. A productive day at last. Now I have over 150k in the bank.

October 4th

Did my daily tasks, and remembered I have public works projects to tackle. So I started with a camp site, and hopefully I can replace some of these animals I dont like. Dont tell them I said that, Goldie is the only one with access to my blog, so if I hear word of this around town lets just say some chocolate might just slip into her kibble.
I also used my newly aquired amiibo cards to summon in Henry. He is a cute frog and if you notice he is a dreamy of mine!
Also Leif opened her shop and its underwhelming but its the only place to get shrubs and an axe for now.

October 6th

So my conjuring ritual worked, and Henry has appeared. Lovely. And I even hexed that old bitch out of his house to get him here. side note: I forgot who I kicked out to put henry in that plot, but im sure they were ugly anyway.
I caught a flee off Chrissy, and jesus this bitch needs to take a bath. She begged me not to spread word of her filthy state, and as an act of mercy I kept my word. Lets just say she owes me one and call it at that.

October 7th

Not gonna lie I forgot who I had conjured this day using my amiibo cards, and when I went to go check I got attacked by a booby trap. Of course it was Lolly. As smart as she is baby. Nothing much else happened today, just my usual buying out the shops, and paying off loans.
Y'know... hot girl shit n whatnot.

October 8th

Had a meeting with my allies. Our plan is to erase that pink gorilla off my maps, and bring in a new recruit.

October 18th

After waking up from my coma, I remmeber we were attacked at the meeting.. However my goons have succeeded in getting rid of rocket, and brought in Punchy, a hardy lil meow meows from the city. I'm most pleased with this, and will reward them later.
I then spent my time in the new shops collecting furniture, and clothing. A new outfit to desguise myself from whoever attacked us that night. Its better I stay dead for now... When I got to the Town Hall, it looks like they had killed Isabelle.
No.. shes alive. Good. Was just sedated, probably from a miss calcualtion on my assasins part. However she wants to build a dream suite, apparently its a good idea, so I funded it all by myself (hot girl shit).



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