Crystals, and their Correpsondences

     Every crystal has energy that can be manipulated to affect our lives and well being. On this page I will list out the most common crystals and their most common correspondences. These are to be taken with a grain of salt as any crystal can hold a certain correspondence to anyone; what is important is your faith in that crystals meaning.
     For example; if you read that sapphire has a correspondence of wisdom, but you personally see it more as a stone of love and caring, then it will hold that power to you only through your faith alone.
     It is common however to some practitioners to believe the coorespondances of some things, like crystals, planets, herbs, and other objects cannot be altered to preference. I am not here to tell you which is correct, but practice as you see fit.

To see the common correspondence of a crystal, please click on it's name.

Balance, Clarity, Courage, Courage, Creativity, Energizer, Fertility, Good Health, Good Manners, Grounding, Growing Plants, Happiness, Healing, Health, Inner Bitterness, Intelligence, Longevity, Longevity, Making Friends, Prosperity, Protection, Restoration Of Energy, Strength, Support, Truth, Ward Anger, Wealth

"This stone is cooling and allays fevers, quenches thirst, and quiets the pulse and heart throbs, insures good health and a long and prosperous life. They are also said by the ancients to render their wearer invisible. Bound on the horns of oxen will give a good harvest. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Keep a piece of agate by your plants to promote growth

Forgiveness, Good Fortune, Happiness, Sexual Powers, Success

Alexandrite on a person can bring about success in their career.

Balance, Harmony, Hope, Physical Stamina, Thinking

Rub Amazonite on your forhead before sleeping to remmeber dreams more frequently.

Calming, Compulsive Behavior, Faithfulness, Fear, Friendship, Headaches, Healing, Inner Calm, Insights, Intuition, Meditation, Psychic Ability, Self-Esteem, Sleep, Spiritual Awareness

"This is a sure averter of drunkenness; it preserves from strong passions, and brings peace of mind; it promotes chastity, and will strengthen the will power. In battle it renders the wearer brave, far-seeing, and honourable. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Amethyst under the pillow, will promote prophetic dreams

Healing, Intellect, Openness, Understanding

Accidents, Banish Fears, Compassion, Confidence, Courage, Happiness, Inspiration, Nervous Tension, Open Throat Chakra, Phobias, Purifying, Sooths The Heart, Thinking, Travel

Take Aquamarine in your pocket before a presentation, or speech to calm nerves and gain confidence.

Balance, Creativity, Healing, Luck

Hold Adventurine in your dominant hand, and doodle with your non-dominant hand to promote inspiration and new ideas.

Acceptance, Calm, Dreams, Healing, Inner Confusion, Intuition, Personal Stress, Psychic Ability, Psychic Eye, Spiritual Guidance, Truth, Understanding

Sleep with a peice of Azurite to promote healthy and deep sleep.

Grounding, balance, negativity

Hold Onyx tightly in your hands, and think of your worries and troubles, then bury it in a plant pot, or under your bed to disperce the negativity.

Accidents, Balance, Business, Business, Confidence, Courage, Courage, Depression, Disease, Emotional Blockages, Healing, Invisibility, Legal Matters, Longevity, Physical Strength, Spells

"Gives courage, success, and wisdom in perilous undertakings. In the West Indies it is used for the cure of wounds, being wetted in cold water, and in magical works it is used in incantations. A favourite stone with the Gnostics, who employed it largely in their gems and talismans. Also called the heliotrope. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Astral Projection, Balance, Fear, Joy, Lightness, Stress

Balance, Clarity, Clearing Blockages, Energy, Meditation

Anger, Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Decisions, Eloquence, Energy, Fear, Focus, Good Fortune, Gossip, Harmonious, Healing, Health, Longevity, Motivation, Peaceful, Protection, Wishes

"Gives courage, success, and wisdom in perilous undertakings. In the West Indies it is used for the cure of wounds, being wetted in cold water, and in magical works it is used in incantations. A favourite stone with the Gnostics, who employed it largely in their gems and talismans. Also called the heliotrope. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Angels, Astral Work, Dreams

Abundance, Confidence, Courage, Prosperity, Self-determination

Clarity, a sort of wild card to amplify other energies

Harmony, Wisdom, Wealth, Success

"Gives faith; success in love, discovers false friends, promotes con stancy of mind and warm, true friendship, felicity in domestic life. It changes colour when false friends or false wit nesses are near, and as a love token it registers the degree of love. If it is pale, then love is waning; if it loses colour entirely, the lover is false and the love gone for ever. Its soft green colour has a beneficial effect upon the wearer’s own eyes, and is a good talisman for any eye trouble; but serpents are said to become blind if they even look at an emerald . If worn about the neck or finger is efficacious against fits and prevents convulsions in children. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Concentration, Communication, Bonding

Commitment, Energy

"Constancy and fidelity in every engagement; gives cheerfulness and the ability to hold one’s own in the world. If worn out of season promotes discord between lovers. " (BRATLEY 1907)


Keep in your pocket to help consentration.

Confidence, Dreams, Fertility, Fidelity, Friendship, Harmony

"A powerful bringer of luck. All Chinese have a great belief in its fortune bestowing powers. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Awareness, Grounding

"Courage, wisdom, and firmness; success in dangerous enterprises. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Keep in the car for protection from accidents

Awareness, Communication, Dreams

Place a piece on Kyanite near a momento of someone you wish to receive communication from.

Creativity, Flexibility, Fortune

Astral Work, Changes

Changes, Clearing Blockages, Money, Luck

Keep Malachite in a piggybank, or ontop of money to promote good fortune.

Forgiveness, Purity, Femenine Energy, Luck, Protection

"Protects from harm and danger; very cooling in fever if applied to both temples. Good fortune in love matters. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Can be used in substituion for a full moon if charged in the previous one.

Grounding, Healing, Clarity, Protection

Centering, Grief

Creativity, Inspiration, Passion

"Denotes hope and good fortune; it sharpens the sight and strengthens the faith of the possessor. The fiery opal possesses the united virtues of all the gems into whose distinctive hues it is emblazoned: the ruby’s strength and courage; blue, the prosperity of the turquoise; green, the emerald’s faithful ness, and so with the other colours. It has long been a superstition that the opal is an unlucky stone to wear, but its original significance was good luck. It may safely be worn if it is the stone of the birth-month, or if one’s birthstone is worn at the same time. If these rules are not observed, it is fatal to love and will break friendships, also the female wearing it will bear no children. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Changes, Wealth

"Cheers the mind, prevents irritability, and removes depression. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Friendship, Happiness, Self Love, Love, Healing

If your rose quartz ever splits in two, give half to someone to promote a life long relationship, romantic plutonic or otherwise.

"Divine power, love, dignity, and royalty. Holds to the owner the love of those loved; corrects evils resulting from mistaken friendships; discovers poison; will quicken the blood and in crease the will of the animal body, and will give vivacity; will cause obstacles to melt away, and inspire with bravery and zeal. It will bring one’s due in money that has been misappropriated. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Beauty, Clarity, Intellegence

"Truth and constancy; de notes repentance; frees from enchantment; signifies piety and goodness; insures protection against many diseases, and will warn of hidden dangers. If the possessor wears it in any haunt of dissipation his actions will at once be known to the one he holds dearest. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Set a Sapphie in a brush to promote beaty and intellegence

Balance, Grounding, Protection


Confidence, Power

Ambition, Luck, Grounding

"A charm against witchcraft. It is lucky and possesses the virtue of enriching the wearer. Same as the chrysoberyl. " (BRATLEY 1907)

Creativity, Energy, Generosity

"Fidelity in friendship; pre vents bad dreams; cheers the wearer; strengthens the intellect; brightens the wit; protects against the perils of the sea; will lose its colour in the presence of poisons; gives nerve strength , and helps the heart and digestion." (BRATLEY 1907)

Balance, Confidence

Astral Work, Grounding

"Success, happiness, and many friends; prosperity in love, and obtains friends as is verified by the old saying: “ He who possesses a turquoise will always be sure of friends. ’ If given by a lover, it will lose its colour should the love wane, or will change colour if danger threatens the wearer. " (BRATLEY 1907)

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