you found me lol

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Welcome to my Roblox Shrine!

Here I will post some nostalgic graphics, and maybe some vintage assets from my own roblox account!
Currently the nav-bar at the top is just decoration, but I might add funcitonality soon!


My account was made January 17th, 2009 on my GateWay PC. I had been playing roblox for some time before this, however I was using Guest accounts.
The username is a mystery and the numbers were suggested by Roblox when I foud out Notlok was taken already.

My T-Shirts

(Made in 2009, these T-Shirts are vintage #y2k and super cute!!! - Depop) Scroll to see them all!

You have reached the end of my page!
If you have any concerns or questions feel free to message me on discord Baby#9914
August 28th 2021 - Infinity