Sources Page

Welcome to the sources page! Here I will document links to where I find assets, and further down the page, I will link great resources for anyone wanting to build a website, and resources for assets similar to my aesthetic!

Since this is a more serious page, please forgive the lack of decorations! If you see I've missed an asset on my website, and you would like to know where I sourced it please message me on discord (at the bottom of every page) and I will update this page with the correct source!
I will try my best to link every assets source, however I did hoard these over months of lurking on wayback machine, and neocities, so some of them are very difficult to retrace the source to. I apologize, and would gladly post the source if someone knows it!
At the very end of the page will be some links to pages, and images that inspired this website and its layout, along with a video of me making the first sketch of my website on procreate! I hope ya find what youre lookin for.


Check It Out!

Behind the Scenes

Websites and layouts I drew Inspiration From:

Sketchin Out My Layoutt on Precreate

I was going for a more creative route to start, mimicing the nintendo website from 2006, however I ultimately decided to just start blocking out areas, and making up a layout as I go. The color pallete was decided on the fly.
I did know I wanted the primary colors, and green, to keep a kid-core aesthetic that would pair with the feelings many get from seeing these old-web designed sites.
Kid-core would also lend its hand in making videogame, and cartoon character ads feel more cohesive as opposed to a minimalist deisgn might aleinate these graphics.

Making Assets in Procreate

I struggled with making the lettering perfect for each asset, and it took a while to finish them, but I think I did a good job!

You have reached the end of my page!
If you have any concerns or questions feel free to message me on discord Baby#9914
August 28th 2021 - Infinity