★August 12th★
New guestbook is up! most excited tbh!

★August 8th★
UPDATE!!!ALERT!!! I decided to go with a quizzes page instead of my griomoire. So check that out. I'll find a new place for the spooky shit later!

★August 3rd★
I swear I'm going to actually update the site more regularly over th enext few months! just been busy with work n shit.

★May 27★
Alright so I lied last time I updated this site, but fr now im going to be on it more often. Im currently working on a post about Eveything Everywhere All at Once. Its the best movie ive seen in along time!

★February 2nd★
Been gone for a while, but getting back to updating my site! Refined the Shrines and More section!

★November 11th★
Added the Grimoire section of my website! If you loke sppoky stuff, and or witchcraft and crystals, please check it out! WIP! Also updated my art gallery with some new works!

★November 6th★
Added my Roblox shrine! Still a WIP but at least I started it :)

★November 5th★
Added the Pokemon Shrine! Challenge my gym to earn a badge to put on your webpage!

★November 4th★
Redesigned the Animal Crossing New Leaf Shrine to fit my new layout better :-). Gonna start work on other shrines n stuff tomorrow.

★November 2nd★
Added the Shrines & More page, along with an Ashnikko Demi Devil Tour shrine with my footage of the concert!

★October 26th★
Added sources page, Not Twitter page, 3DS Photography page, and finished the Art Gallery. Im a workhorse today!

★October 25th★
Okay this is the final time in changing up my layout for a while I SWEARS IT. All other pages are WIP for now, as I fit them into this new theme! :)

★October 18th★
Updated my Animal Crossing New Leaf blog. Still working on the art gallery!

★October 15th★
Repositioned some of the page, and compressed assets to make the page load faster! Im also starting work on the art gallery!

★October 15th★
COMPLETE HOMEPAGE OVERHAUL... AGAIN! Evey asset is designed by me, (excluding the buttons, blinkies, and star devider at the top!)

★October 4th★

★September 30th★
Added the Animal Crossing Shrine page! (under Shrines & More)

★September 13th★
Remade the Art page to be in my website instead of using a outsourced blog. Now all my artowkrs are native files :) Check it out!

★September 12th★
Remade this updates box to scroll :) Added Dream Jounral in navbar but not the page yet.

★September 11th★
Added about me page!

★September 10th★
Added the sticker album, and created the hub for my shrines! (&minor cosmetic upgrades)

★September 8th★
updated website graphics, and added a birth cirtificate! Also added music :D

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